Chavdar 130 is a very rare bus, produced in Botevgrad plant as a part of a limited serie of a just less than 15 vehicles being delivered in the beginning of 90’s. The chassis and body are under license of Steyr, Austria. The bus was manufactured in 1994 with a LIAZ engine, automatic gearbox Praha and 21+1 seats. It was custom-built for Burgas Airport, where it carried passengers for many years. Then it was acquired by Hotel Escana, Obzor, where it carried tourists until 2017.

In April 2019 it was purchased by us and transported to Sofia on a lorry platform. We have managed to procure a second Chavdar 130, which will serve for spare parts.

We have managed to partially repaint the bus and refresh its interior. As a result we have passed a complex technical examination which resulted in returning the bus to a regular service.