After running a successful campain for finding sponsors in 2018 we have managed to acquire and preserve the very last bus Chavdar 14-20. Manufactured in 1989, the bus was owned until 2007 by an Ichtiman company, after which it was sold to ZMM Sliven AD and used by them until the end of 2016 for departmental transport. As of 2018, the bus was without registration plates and not operational, but we judged its general condition to be good and made efforts to tighten it up and bring it on its own with transit plates to Sofia. The bus was in original condition and had an original Hungarian Raba D2156 engine.

Since the moment we have acquired the bus we are executing very severe overhaul. The whole roof was replaced, which turned out to be in a very bad condition. Also, all compromised beams and sheet metal were replaced, and it was completely primed and partially painted. It is due to be fully painted and the saloon restored as close to original as possible.