DAC-Чавдар 317 ETr – 118

Пълно име на моделаDAC-ЧАВДАР 317 ETR – 118
Дължина16,58 метра
Ширина2,5 метра
Височина3,4 метра
Тегло14,8 тона
Места за сядане38 бр.
Максимален брой пътници156
Максимална скорост60 км/ч
Врати4 бр. двукрили
Управлениереостатно-контакторно, с принудително охлаждане
Захранванеот 400 до 720 V (Номинално: 600 V)
Номинален ток275 А
Мощност на двигателя150 kW
Шаси и салонот заварени стоманени профили, облицовани с ламарина
Задвижващ мостсреден – марка „RABA“
Окачванепневматично, плюс амортисьори
Спирачкиосновна – въздушна, двуконтурна, която действа на всички колела; спомагателна – електродинамична; паркинг спирачка – пружинна, с обратно действие
Минимален радиус на завиване23 метра
Година на производство1989 г.

Pictures from Pernik:

Pictures from Sofia:

Pictures of 118 during transportation to Sofia:

The trolleybus is a Bulgarian-Romanian development and was produced in the late 1980s. The model was designed and built to meet the increased road consumption in the district towns of Bulgaria, as plants in Hungary and the Czech Republic failed and seriously delayed their supplies of motorized trolleybuses and in response to the significant increase in the price of fuels imported from Soviet Union during this period. More than 100 pieces of this model were produced, with 23 of them operating on the streets of Sofia from the late 1980s to the late 1990s. Except in Sofia, trolleybuses of this model have operated in Pernik, Plovdiv, Kazanlak, Stara Zagora and Varna.

Specifically, this trolleybus was first delivered to Vidin’s trolleybus network, which never started operation. In 1999 the company in Pernik bought from the municipality of Vidin 7 trolleybuses DAC-Chavdar for about 1500 leva. One of the seven is our – 118. This information was provided to us by the former chief accountant of the Pernik company. She refutes the opinion that DAC-Chavdar in Pernik was bought from Kazanlak and confirms the information that after the trolley bus in Kazanlak was shut down in 1999, the DAC-Chavdar trolleybuses were taken to Stara Zagora where they were eventually scrapped.

Video from Pernik:

Video from the transportation to Sofia: