Лого ГТИWelcome to the web page of Public Transport and Infrastructure(PTI) Association.
PTI is nonprofit, non-governmental public benefit organization, registered by professionals and amateurs, interested in the problems of public transport and infrastructure. Our main purpose is to popularize the urban transport as a means of mass transportation of passengers in the cities. To this end, we will conduct researches in its routes optimization, vehicles exploitation and the construction and maintenance of the urban infrastructure.
PTI’s members are professionals with years of experience in the areas of exploitation of public transport’s vehicles, technical maintenance, transport processes management, preservation and archiving of materials regarding the public transport, as well experts in modeling, building and delivery of software applications, urbanization, financial and legal analysis, publishing and advertizing activities. In the team are the creators and users of the first public forum for urban transport in Bulgaria – GTSofia.info, founded in 2006. One of the main directions in which the association will pursue an active work is the preservation of cultural and historical sights of the urban transport. So we are planning development of projects, related to the conservation and recovery of vehicles for public transport in Bulgaria. Among the first initiatives of our association will be recovery and conservation the transport operator’s “Stolichen Elektrotransport” EAD historical trams, namely “Grafinia” (built in 1912), “Breda” (1938), “Republica” (1951), “Komsomolets” (1960), “Sofia 70” (1970).
In order to achieve our goals the Association will look for support by the authorities, state and municipal enterprises and their branches, Bulgarian and foreign companies in the field of engineering, construction, exploitation and maintenance of vehicles, infrastructure objects and IT transport applications.