Over the years, trolleybuses have penetrated into the heart of Sofia’s very centre. They passed through the very square. Alexander Nevsky and around the National Theatre. Today the overhead network has been removed through these places, but the existing one still allows for an interesting tour:

From the square. Stoczna Station – along the boulevard. Vasil Levski Blvd. Patriarch Evtimiy Blvd. Skobelev Str. Opalchenska Str. Ohrid and Lt. Kalitin to Nadezhda flyover. From Nadezhda overpass – along ul. Skopje Blvd. Kn. Maria Luisa str. Opalchenskaya Blvd. Skobelev, NDK tunnel, ul. Vasil Levski str. Georgi S. Rakovski Blvd. Slivnitsa to Stochnaya Station.

This tour will take about 69 minutes. 3 of the 5 trolleybuses will be in operation (two will be reserve) – each day in a different combination, the running interval will be 23 minutes.

We are proposing that the line be numbered 13, as numbers 1 to 12 have been occupied over the years since the opening of the trolleybus service and they have their historic routes even though some of them are now closed.


Like other cities that offer such a tourist service, and in order to make it financially feasible, the standard daily transportation fare may not apply. The length of the tour is 13.5 kilometres. We propose that the price for a single trip for adults be BGN 2.50 and for children up to 14 years of age and pensioners BGN 1.50.


In the winter months, with the exception of the Christmas holidays, it is not wise to run the vehicles. During this period, it is necessary to have the trolleybuses extensively serviced as they proceed in other cities with similar service. We propose to run the line on weekends and holidays from March 25th to November 15th, and in addition to then, run the line on the weekend before Christmas as well as for March 3rd.


Apart from the regular service, Stolichen Elektrotransport EAD has a tariff for hiring rolling stock, including historic rolling stock, for organized events. By prior arrangement, these vintage trolleybuses will also be available for hire for any special events under this tariff.