About us

Public Transport and Infrastructure Association is a non-governmental organization for public benefit, founded on 13.01.2013 by professionals and enthusiasts interested in the problematics of urban transport and infrastructure. Our main goal is the promotion of urban transport as a means of mass transportation of passengers in cities. We deliver different services around this, e.g. we conduct researches related to network optimization, vehicles operations and the construction and maintenance of the urban infrastructure.

Our members
The members of the association are professionals with many years of experience in the field of urban transport operations, technical maintenance, transport process management, preservation and archiving of urban transport material, as well as in the modelling of urban transport models, construction and delivery of software applications, carrying out financial and legal analyses, land management and planning, publishing and production.

Despite our different professional fields, we are all driven by common goals – to improve public transport and the infrastructure around us, and also to preserve for posterity historic vehicles, and one day to create a Museum of Public Transport in Sofia.

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