At the beginning of June 2020, Public Transport and Infrastructure Association managed to acquire and transport on its own from Sliven to Sofia the last remaining operational of its kind bus Mercedes-Benz 0305G. The bus is in good technical condition, with registration plates and has successfully passed technical inspection. Manufactured back in 1983 and served faithfully for 15 years on the public transport in Bremen, it was then sold to the Christ dealership near Hannover, which operated it until 2006. At the end of 2006 it was brought to Bulgaria and for almost 2 years served as a departmental of the company Parmash, Sliven. It was then sold to ZMM Sliven AD and was used to transport workers until early 2020.
Public transport operator of Sofia has operated this type of buses of for quite some time – from 1992 until the beginning of 2019. Despite the fact that the operator promised to keep one bus for museum purposes (with inventory number 1645), the condition of the same is very poor with minimal chances for being restored to its original, running condition. This was the reason we decided to purchase the 0305 bus from Sliven, which is in almost entirely original and in very good condition for its years.