Chavdar 11M4

The most successful model of the Chavdar Botevgrad bus plant. With a modern self-supporting body designed by the West German company Kässbohrer. The model marks the first technological renovation of the plant. For the needs of the model production lines, machines and materials were imported from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Factories intended to support production of parts were built in various cities of the country. Specialists have been trained and a sustainable base for mass conveyor production has been built for the first time in Bulgaria. The Kässbohrer Setra S120 model has been in production since 1967 , the Chavdar 11M4 made its debut at the Plovdiv Fair with two buses assembled in Germany in 1972. The first units started to leave the factory in 1977. Between 250 and 300 of the model were produced annually until 1994.

Our Chavdar 11M4 was produced in 1988, body number 1660, with Raba-MAN D2156 engine (215 hp) and Madara driven axles. It has 49+1 seats, with adjustable seats and roof vents. The only one preserved in this configuration in Bulgaria. Its top speed is 115 km/h. It spent its entire life operating the lines of the Autotransport s. Bratya Daskalovi (Stara Zagora), delivered new and maintained in a good condition. The model is part of the history of public transport in Sofia with over 80 units delivered, serving schools, tourist trips and the lines of the Kremikovtzi Steel Factory. The model is part of Sofia’s urban atmosphere of the 80s and 90s. In front of each hotel there were several buses of the model owned by Balkantourist, Orbita and other bus enterprises.