Campaign: Support the preservation of the trolleybus history of Bulgaria

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Association "Public Transport & Infrastructure" has started a fundraising campaign for the purchase of three trolleybuses for a future museum.

The three models are:
DAC-Chavdar 317 ETr; GMC- BBC HR150G and Skoda 9 Tr.


1) DAC-Chavdar 317 ETr. № 118 – Price: around 6,000 leva (3,000€ ) including VAT

The whole needed amount is collected so far! The auction will be organized in the last week of february.


This trolleybus is one of the last 5 units left in Pernik – the only Bulgarian made trolleybus remaining. The trolleybus is a Bulgarian-Romanian development and was manufactured in the late 80s of the 20th century. This model was designed and manufactured in order to meet the increased passanger flow In the regional cities of Bulgaria, as factories in Hungary and the Czech Republic, couldn’t cope with the huge amounts of orders and the increase of fuels imported from the Soviet Union. From this model 100 trolleybuses were produced, and 23 have been operating in Sofa from late 80s until late 90s. Besides Sofia, this trolleybuses have been operating in the cities of Pernik, Plovdiv, Kazanlak and Varna. The Pernik trolleybuses were made for the town of Vidin, but the trolleybus network there, but the trolleybus network was never finished. Pernik municipality bought in 1999 the 7 trolleybuses DAC- Chavdar 317 ETr for a price of 1500 leva each.


Length – 17m

41 seats


Satisfactory. № 118 is the best preserved in terms of corrosion of the 5 remaining. As a result of lack of security, most of the trolleybuses are partially looted. There are spare parts in the depot which too can be bought.


The DAC-Chavdar 317 ETr copy the Ikarus trolleybus as the placement of the aggregates and blocks which means that almost all parts can be obtained from the Ikarus trolleybuses in Sofia, other parts are similar to ones from ZiU-9, and there is a company that produces reserve parts for this model trolleybus.


2)    General Motors Company – Brown Boveri & Cie Company (GMC-BBC) HR150G  № 152 – Price: 19 200 leva ( 9,600€) including VAT

10,500 leva (5,370.84€)  are provided so far + transport on a platform from Yambol to Sofia


In 2009 28 used trolleybuses from the city of Edmonton, Canada, were imported for the trolleybus transport in Plovdiv. However as soon as they arrive in Burgas port they are nationalized because of unpaid duty. A year ago they were sold for scrap in Yambol Auto morgue.

  • These trolleybuses were manufactured in the Canadian division of GM in cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer of electric appliances Brown, Boveri and Cie.
  • The “New Look” design of General Motors, became world-know from the movie “Speed” with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.
  • Constructed on the principle of aircraft. The outer shell is made of aluminum, riveted chassis for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The design is extremely unusual and cannot be seen used on European made trolleybuses.
  • Made in the period of 1982-1983 – only 100 pieces of them are made. There are 3 in US museums and 1 in the UK, but it can only be seen inside the museum as there is no trolleybus line. If preserved in Sofia it can move around the whole city, which will make it a unique attraction.
  • The result of a unique collaboration between two major global corporations;
  • Powerful electric motor trolleys are perfect for the straight stretches on the streets in Edmonton;
  • The unique shape of the windscreen they have has  given them the nickname - "Aquariums" ("The fishbowls");
  • Innovative for its time arrangement of electrical assemblies and components - the back of the trolley;
  • Specifically, uncharacteristically open the second door - opening outwards there are four wings, working in two groups, with a partition between them;
  • № 152 is the to go back in the depot in the last day of service on  2nd May 2009, by which the trolleybus transport in Edmonton is stopped forever.;



- Length 12 m;

- 42 seats.



- Trolleybus is in excellent condition, with all available units and systems;

- № 152 was renovated in 2005-2006, and the state externally and internally is very good. For six years stay in port "Burgas", inside there are no leaks, but retained all its equipment, including all electrical components;

- Because of irresponsible move with a forklift there is a deformed apron on front left tire (driver's side), but it is refundable;

- Part of the small windows above the large panoramic were cracked and must be replaced;

- Headlamps and bracelets are stored.



  • Canadian companies express interest to finance the restoration of the trolley as a moving museum exhibit after its final redemption and secure destiny.


    3) Skoda 9TrHT28 № 06 – Price 14,000 leva (7,000€) including VAT.

600 leva (306.91€) and transport on a platform from Pazardjik to Sofia are provided.

This trolleybus is an iconic model in Sofia. In between the 60s and 80s there were 395 of this trolleybus. Our parents used to call them “the round trolleybus” or “singing trolleybus” because of the controler, which imitates the singing of a human voice.

Specifically this trolley was manufactured in 1980 and was initially operated in the town of Zlin (Czech Republic). In 1993 it was introduced in the the town, which marked the beginning of their trolleybus lines. It was in operation until 2014 when it was sold for scrap in an Pazadzik Auto Morgue and is currently stored there.


  • Length 11m
  • 23+3 seats



Trolleybus is in good condition. It has some missing electrical units but they are not expensive to buy. All other units and blocks are in place. It was renovated in 2012, and it has some corrosions on the body.



If you want to help our cause financially, then please contact us by phone +359897975614 or email us at


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Please help us to keep these historical trolleybuses saved!


Until today the campaign is donated by the following people: